Undergraduate Essay - Deadline Extended


2019 Undergraduate Essay Title

"Without Pathology, medical education is futile, discuss"

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate members of the Society

Deadline date

31 August 2019 - now extended to 30 September 2019

How do I apply?

email one electronic copy of your essay and one signed copy of the certificate of originality to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Certificate of Originality

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Winning Essays

2018 - 'Does Tumour heterogeneity matter' by Casmir Turnquist - Casmir Turnquist has asked that publicaition of the essay be delayed as the essay may be published or part published in a peer-reviewed journal. A link to the published article will be posted in due course and the high quality of material submitted for Path Soc undergrduate essays and Path Soc prizes in general, can be read.

2017 - 'Discuss how chronic inflammation and the immune system both promote and protect against cancer and how this may be therapeutically modulated" by Sidhant Seth

2016 - 'Discuss recent advances in our understanding of the pathobiology of non-coding RNA' by Jason Mak

2015 - 'Both clinical and academic pathology are becoming increasinly interdisciplinary in nature. Discuss' by Marco Narajos

2014 - How 'Digital Pathology: Will machines replace the pathologist and a microscope?' by Ankit Bhatt

2013 - How 'personalised' is personalised medicine? What are the challenges for pathology in delivering this for patients? by Kate Sutton

2012 - Pathology has been called 'the hidden science that saves lives'. Discuss how pathology directly impacts on patients, and compare the past, present and possible future effects of pathology on a patient’s journey by Aniruddh Chhabra

2011 - So, what will the pathologist be doing in ten years time? by Timothy Shaw

2010 - The Autopsy Is Dead by Chei Yang Koo

2009 - Molecular Genetics Will Make Histopathologists Redundant by Marie Stolbrink

2008 - Discuss the impact of media and the popular portrayal of pathology on its profile by Andrew Bamber

2007 - There is no place for pathology in modern medical curricula by Kezia Gaitskell, Oxford

2006 - The Conventional Autopsy still has an Important Role in Modern Medicine by Rachna Bajaj

2005 - Understanding the mechanism of disease is the basis of sound medical practice by Kirsten Borthwick, Edinburgh

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